Environmental resources

It is easy to get overwhelmed about politics, climate change and the pollution crisis we are currently facing. News leave us feeling helpless about our global situation.

However, it is key to keep believing! Believing in a beautiful and healthy Earth. A planet where we consume less, eat more locally grown food, respect Nature and its resource, use alternatives to disposable plastics, protect ecosystems, love eachother...

Believing in a better world and taking action whenever we can is our duty. Even if it is as small as using a refillable water bottle. We, consumers, have the power to create change. What do we consume? What companies do we encourage? Are there better alternatives? Are we concious about our lifestyle and its impact on our own health and the planet?

Here is a list of cool projects, magazines, articles, etc. I stumbled upon that give me hope for our future! There are so many people in the world right now who are doing good things.

Let's all create a better world together. ✨

My favourite magazine

No adds. Articles about nature, adventure, scientific projects, first nations... I highly recommend suscribing to their paper version.

Alternatives to plastics