Chloé Benko-Prieur

Hi! I'm Chloé — a young woman originally from Montréal currently studying Engineering Physics at UBC.

I am passionate about sustainability, human wellbeing & communication, cleantech and ocean conservation.

I envision a world where humanity & our use of technology make one with our wellbeing and nature.

Let's connect and explore ways to contribute to a more sustainable and harmonious world together! 🌿🐬☀️

Feel free to email me or say hi on LinkedIn.


Work & enriching experiences

👩‍🎨 ATTA ~ Mechatronics team lead ~ Ongoing

👩‍💻 Sel Saint-Laurent ~ R&D assistant and software engineer ~ Summer 2023

👩‍💻 Arthur Intelligence ~ Data analyst, product & software developer ~ Summer & Fall 2022

👩‍💻 Environment & Climate Change Canada ~ Meteorological Research Intern ~ Winter 2021

👩‍🌾 Ferme l’Héritage de Maéli, l’Île d’Orléans, Qc ~ Farm worker & customer service

👩‍🌾 Ferme Coup de Fourche, Chambly, Qc ~ Farm worker

🧘‍♀️ 200hr yoga teacher training certification ~ Costa Rica, April 2019

This semester, I’m…

  • Designing and building V2 of When Air Takes Shape.
  • Finishing my 2-yr Capstone project, a sensory installation to help people feel more connected.
  • Learning about Optics, Statistical Mechanics & Electronic circuits.
  • Taking a physics lab course where I learned about sound waves & chaos.
  • Making time for yoga, workouts and some breaks at the beach. ☀️

Engineering Projects

When Air Takes Shape
Gazebo Simulation
Angel the Robot

Personal Projects

Chlowy Space
Un Blog sans sucre

Cool Stuff


Outside of school & work

In my free time, I practice yoga, dance, draw, swim, workout and go spend time in nature. I also love listening to podcasts and becoming a better version of myself.

What I listen to these days

Hermanos Gutiérrez, Jungle, Aurora, The Mamas & the Papas, Sofiane Pamart, groovy beats, instrumental… 💃

Thanks for passing by and wishing you a beautiful day! 🌻

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