Angel's main features


BluePill STM32F103C8T6.


Rechargeable 12V for the wheels and flap motor. 6 x AAA with a voltage regulator for the 2 servos. 9V with a voltage regulator for the BluePill and the reflectance sensors.


Tape following using 2 reflectance sensors.


1 geared motor/wheel. Soldered H-Bridge to go forward or backwards.

Can detection

Blind. Optimized tape path to cover most of the competition surface and increase our chances to pick up cans.

Picking mechanism

Angled side arms to bring cans towards the flap. The flap pushes cans up the high curved ramp.

Vertical orientation

Top plateforme after the ramp to give the cans speed and a servo arm to guide them towards a vertical hoslter.

Drop off

Magnets on Angel and the box to reach perfect alignment between the holsters and the box silos. Microswitch to lower the flap under the cans and drop them.